Normal Transmission Will Resume

Look, I’m going to be honest.

When I started Between the Lines, Brexit was all that anyone could talk about. Impending doom, Boris for PM, Britain as we know it being wiped off the map… All of this hyperbole was being passed around like a jazz cigarette at a commune campfire.

After the Easter recess, things have… slowed. If you look back at my articles over the last few weeks, they have almost exclusively been about Brexit. Now that the urgency has dissipated (and it really shouldn’t have done, because it is still the single most important political decision in a generation), the news isn’t flowing as thick and fast as it used to.

As such, I will now have to find new things to write about.


Please bear with me while this adjustment is made. Additionally, the nightmare of Brexit will also be back before you know it, and our tirade against stupidity will begin anew.

A full article will be out tomorrow.

In the meantime, please remember that you can support Between the Lines on Facebook or Twitter, and can even support us financially through Patreon, if you’re feeling generous. We’re close to a funding target that will allow us to upgrade our website, so any donation, big or small, would be massively appreciated.

In the meantime, happy Monday everyone! Enjoy the relative calm before the storm kicks in again.

The local elections are on Thursday…


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