Boris Johnson

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson


Current Position In Government:
(Formerly Mayor of London, Foreign Secretary)

Current Position In Circus:
Dancing Elephant – Entertaining to watch, but very powerful

MP For:
Uxbridge and South Ruislip

Known Best For:

Previous Career:
Journalist at The Times, Brussels Correspondent at The Daily Telegraph, Editor at the Spectator.
Also well known for appearances on Have I Got News For You.

View On Brexit:
Voted Leave.
Will go back to Brussels to try to negotiate a better deal, particularly with regards to the Backstop. If this fails, will leave with no-deal on the 31st of October.

Major Policy Ideas:
Increase funding per pupil at secondary schools.
Increase threshold for higher rate of income tax from £50K to £80K.

Bookmakers’ Odds:
5/4 – Skybet, 04/06

Campaign Video:


  • Seasoned politician – arguably best credentials of the candidates
  • Extremely well-known
  • Enjoyed strong publicity as Mayor of London and 2012 Olympics
  • Liked by many non-Tory voters
  • Personable manner
  • Has many powerful allies throughout the party, including Jacob Rees-Mogg, the Chairman of the ERG
  • Prominent member of Vote Leave campaign


  • Prone to ‘gaffes’:
    • Famously said “F*ck Business” – unhelpful given standard Tory stance as being pro-business
    • Absent-minded comment resulted in extended imprisonment of British citizen in Iran
    • Accusations of xenophobia – described women in Burkhas as looking like letterboxes
  • Some personal affairs have raised eyebrows, including allegedly paying off a woman who claims to have had a daughter by him, and questionable ethics within marriages.
  • Is currently facing a court hearing over lying during the 2016 Referendum campaign.
  • Famously slippery when it comes to policies – wrote two articles for The Telegraph before the Referendum result, one in favour of the EU and one against, but only published the winning viewpoint once the result was announced.
  • Tax giveaway is being widely denounced as a huge mistake that favours the rich and gives little to those in need.


Look, it’s Boris. Everyone knows Boris. He’s the outstanding candidate to become the next Prime Minister, is loved and reviled in equal measure by different quarters, but is undoubtedly an extremely powerful politician.

His slippery nature and willingness to adapt does throw an element of instability into the mix – some would argue that he is the only politician with enough clout to be able to survive if/when no-deal is rejected again.

He could even have the power to be able to turn public opinion in favour of a second referendum…

But, in the interim, he is most likely going to storm into power, storm off to Brussels, then plod back to the UK with very little to show for his swashbuckling promises. It’s the job he’s always wanted, but whether or not he will be a success is still uncertain.

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