Michael Gove

Michael Andrew Gove


Current Position In Government:
Environment Secretary

Current Position In Circus:
Contortionist – Twists and turns at every opportunity to make himself please everyone

MP For:
Surrey Heath

Known Best For:

Looking like Pob.

Perhaps slightly more fairly, his department has taken big steps towards reducing plastic consumption. His time as Education Secretary was fraught with criticism, however.

Previous Career:
Journalist at The Times, author.

View On Brexit:
Voted Leave.
Will go back to Brussels to try to negotiate a better deal, but open to idea of extension of a year. However, must leave the EU before next General Election. Keen to protect rights of EU citizens in the UK.

Major Policy Ideas:
Scrap VAT and replace it with a “sales tax.” Reform business rates to reduce advantage for internet retailers.

Bookmakers’ Odds:
16/1 – Skybet, 11/06

Campaign Video:


  • A competent politician – achieved demonstrable success as Environment Secretary
  • A more moderate candidate than some of the hard-line Brexiteers
  • Has allies on both the moderate and right-wing sides of the Conservative Party
  • Surprisingly good orator


  • Subject of some serious criticisms whilst Education Secretary, including cutting the previous government’s school-building programme and encouraging the creation of more academies – highly controversial moves that led to teachers’ strikes.
  • Seen as duplicitous – was famously Boris’ most prominent ally during Johnson’s PM bid in 2016, yet stabbed him in the back at the 11th hour to run his own campaign.
  • Recently admitted to using cocaine recreationally numerous times when he was working as a journalist. This has not sat well within the party or with the public.


Gove isn’t exactly Mr. Set-The-World-On-Fire, but since his controversial time as Education Secretary he has settled down to become a pretty safe pair of hands (unless your name is BoJo).

Progressive social politics and a diplomatic, rational approach to resolving Brexit appeal to the more moderate One Nation Conservatives, and his stint as a prominent member of Vote Leave means he has allies within the more right-wing ERG, too.

While Boris is the outstanding candidate, Gove is certainly one to watch…

*UPDATE: …Or rather he was, until his cocaine gaffe. This may prove to just be a hiccup rather than a full on catastrophe, however.

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