Andrea Leadsom

Andrea Jacqueline Leadsom


Current Position In Government:
Resigned as Leader of House of Commons just before May quit

Current Position In Circus:
Dressage – Sits atop her high horse, the horse does not look comfortable

MP For:
South Northamptonshire

Best Known For:
Fighting for the leadership against Theresa May, and claiming she would make a better leader than her because she’s a mother.

Previous Career:

View On Brexit:
Voted to Leave.
No renegotiation, only a “managed no-deal,” with small pieces of legislation to protect citizens’ rights keep goods moving. This has been dismissed by the EU already.

Major Policy Idea:
Overhaul tuition fees for university – stop interest accumulating on loads until after students have left university.

Bookmakers’ Odds:
8/1- The Times, 11/06

Campaign Video:


  • A seasoned Tory politician, with allies throughout the Party
  • When working as Leader of the House of Commons, worked her role seriously and even earned the praise of Jess Phillips, a staunchly anti-Tory MP
  • Hard stance on Brexit makes her popular with many Tory supporters and MPs


  • Her slight against Theresa May was largely seen as below-the-belt, which means that she is seen by some as slightly too ruthless and driven
  • Slightly matronly tone that doesn’t sit well with some members of the electorate


A committed leaver, Leadsom will certainly be up there with the leading candidates as the race ploughs on towards the finish line. This writer cannot quite make up their mind about whether or not she is a bit of a power-hungry career politician, or a competent and quieter option.

Perhaps her slight against May sits worse with me than with others. Additionally, proactively going for a damaging no-deal ahead of trying to find some kind of deal is such an objectively stupid thing to do that it makes me question her brain.

Either way, one to watch.

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