Dominic Raab

Dominic Rennie Raab


Current Position In Government:
Former Brexit Secretary (for five months)

Current Position In Circus:
Clown – Funny if he wasn’t so scary, fundamentally stupid, makes children cry

MP For:
Esher and Walton

Best Known For:
Taking over the Brexit negotiations from David Davis, finalising the Brexit deal, then voting against it. He voted AGAINST THE THING HE NEGOTIATED.

Previous Career:
Law, with a focus on International Law.

View On Brexit:
Voted Leave.
No-deal. Just no-deal.

Major Policy Idea:
Make Britain a world leader in resolving climate change through technology. Also, cut basic rate of tax.

Bookmakers’ Odds:
20/1- The Times, 11/06

Campaign Video:


  • Look, Between the Lines always tries its best to be impartial. We really do.
  • Like, seriously, we go out of our way to listen to both sides of every argument.
  • We really do. Promise.
  • He has a very soothing, softly-spoken voice.


  • Utterly incompetent – many EU negotiators hold him personally responsible for the Withdrawal Agreement being a failure.
  • Didn’t realise that Calais was a major trading port until he was made Brexit secretary.
  • One-track mind with Brexit – Leave, and to hell with the consequences. No attempt at making the situation better, despite the economic damage a no-deal break would cause.
  • Openly not a feminist – a phrase which means equality for men and women. When pushed on this, still avoided the label.
  • Has said he would prorogue Parliament to enforce Brexit – i.e. try to circumvent democratically-elected politicians to push no-deal through.
  • I know he’s biased, but James O’Brien, the liberal LBC radio host, made a very good video about Raab, which you can find here.


The concept of Dominic Raab becoming Prime Minister is, on every level, horrifying. The man is the embodiment of everything that people hate about the Tories.

He’s thick, he’s spiteful, but it still feels like he thinks he deserves to be Prime Minister.

And yet he’s at 20/1.

Despite his middle name being Rennie, he gives me actual heartburn.

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