Esther McVey

Esther McVey


Current Position In Government:
(Formerly Secretary of State for Work and Pensions)

Current Position In Circus:
Fire Eater – Spits out fire, burning those in the immediate vicinity

MP For:
Wirral West

Best Known For:
Claiming that poor families only use food banks because they prioritise new mobile phones over food.

Previous Career:
Businesswoman and TV Presenter – co-presented GMTV

View On Brexit:
Voted Leave.
No deal, and Parliament gets no say – also plans to prorogue.

Major Policy Idea:
Give all public sector workers yearly pay increases in line with inflation. To do this, reduce foreign aid spend.

Bookmakers’ Odds:
100/1 – The Times, 11/06

Campaign Video:


  • …as per Dominic Raab, we really try to be impartial at Between the Lines. We really do.
  • Strong support from the Vote Leave campaign
  • She won’t be elected


  • Again, no-deal is not something that should be pursued. It’s widely condemned to be extremely damaging economically. There is no disputing democracy would be badly damaged if Brexit isn’t delivered, but no-deal is outright stupid. 
  • Probably too much of an unknown.


This hard stance on Brexit smacks of being remembered for the right stance further down the line. Should Brexit not be delivered, she could manoeuvre herself into a position of power by saying that she always campaigned for no-deal.

She doesn’t have the support at the moment to succeed, but she’s one to keep an eye on.

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