Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy Richard Streynsham Hunt


Current Position In Government:
Foreign Secretary

Current Position In Circus:
Lion Tamer – Tries to keep the beasts at bay, but will probably end up getting mauled at some point

MP For:
South West Surrey

Best Known For:

And also for waging war with the NHS during his time as Health Secretary.

Previous Career:
Management Consultant, English Teacher in Japan, Entrepreneur – supposedly is the “richest Cabinet member.” If that matters.

View On Brexit:
Voted Remain.
Willing to look at an extension in pursuit of a better deal.

Major Policy Idea:
Attempt to fix the social care crisis by giving more funds to local authorities and combining healthcare and social care systems.

Bookmakers’ Odds:
9/2 – The Times, 11/06

Campaign Video:


  • A moderate, progressive Tory who’s been in the thick of it for a while
  • Has an understanding of foreign affairs and cultures that could be argued as lacking in other candidates
  • Despite huge unpopularity in a tricky situation, he stuck to his principles with regards to the NHS – it shows that he has a certain amount of backbone


  • Hugely, massively unpopular with doctors, nurses, anyone who likes the NHS, and arguably most young people
  • Not a dominant leader
  • Just a bit… meh?


Jeremy Hunt is a loyal modern Tory. Take that as you will.

He is more competent than he looks, despite a particularly weird gaffe where he thought that his wife was Chinese when in fact she was Japanese (!).

Following the recent endorsements of both Amber Rudd and Penny Mordaunt, two respected Tory politicians, he looks like he might be the dark horse in the contest.

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