Sam Gyimah

Samuel Phillip Gyimah


Current Position In Government:
(Formerly Minister for Universities)

Current Position In Circus:
Trampolinist – Launching himself as high as he can

MP For:
East Surrey

Best Known For:
Promoting freedom of speech in university campuses

Previous Career:
Investment banking, Recruitment

View On Brexit:
Loud advocate for a Second Referendum

Bookmakers’ Odds:
250/1- Skybet, 06/06

Campaign Video:
None so far.


  • A candidate who brings something different to the table
  • Another young, progressive Tory who could be the future


  • Amongst the Tory electorate, being in favour of a second referendum is basically signing your own death warrant
  • Another relative unknown


Quite bold for someone with so little political clout to stand – probably one with his eyes on the future prize like McVey or Hancock.

Will not get far.

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