Stewart Stewed, Stupid

A short News In Brief article today team. Another vote was held in the Tory leadership candidacy race yesterday and Rory Stewart, the candidate of choice for anyone who wasn’t Conservative, was eliminated.

He lost ten votes since the last Tory vote, going from 37 to 27.

This is the tricky thing about politicians voting – they can and often do change their minds.

They can also vote tactically to eliminate those they don’t like the look of.

While you can never definitively accuse people based on a secret ballot, and while Stewart himself laughed off the suggestion of tactical votes by saying that there are more important issues to concern ourselves with, there’s something not quite right about it all.

Lest we forget, hard-Brexiteer Raab was eliminated before Tuesday’s debate, leaving Boris as the only hard-Brexiteer representative. Stewart did surprisingly well in that ballot.

Now that Raab has gone, Stewart lost ten votes.

While he had a pretty poor debate on Tuesday, along with the rest of them, to have that base of votes disappear suddenly is… surprising.

Like finding-out-your-jilted-ex-has-been-somehow-reading-your-WhatsApp-messages surprising.

But, anyway, what does it matter. The one, truly different candidate is now gone, leaving us with:

  • Boris;
  • Boris-lite;
  • A taller, handsomer, “fuck abortion rights” Boris;
  • And “I am the son of a bus driver,” slightly more diverse Boris.

With Stewart gone, a Brexit involving a deal is all but gone. No candidate can negotiate a better one, despite their campaign slogans, so in 100 days (yes, it’s only 100 days), we will have a stark choice.

No-deal, which Parliament will refuse, or a second referendum, with Parliament will refuse.

Or revoke Article 50.


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