It’s Just Not Cricket

What a glorious Sunday of sport we had. So glorious, in fact, that I got a bit excited on Sunday evening and “forgot” to write a blog for yesterday morning.

It was incredible, though. Djokovic hammering out a fifth set, tie-break win over Roger “The Todger” Federer (NB: may not be real nickname), Lewis Hamilton winning a record sixth British Grand Prix, and, best of all, the jewel in the crown…

England won a World Cup. In a sport that we created some hundreds of years ago, and the most quintessentially English sport there is – cricket.

I enjoy the occasional test match to mong out in front of, but am not a die-hard fan. Watching the sheer excitement play out on Sunday, however, resulted in a feeling nothing short of euphoria as the stumps fell to the turf. To win, in a sudden-death super over, on the last ball, by about two feet, was a once-in-a-lifetime, Jonny Wilkinson-between-the-posts moment.

Finally – a chance for this divided nation to come together and, for once, just enjoy something. No need to politicise it, no need for this glorious moment to be sullied by the trauma of Brexit. Just a chance to sit back, relax and enjo—


Back To Reality. Back To Trump.


Well, as we know, Trump has been on fire recently. Last week, when he heard about the leak from the UK ambassador to the US’s office calling his government inept, instead of brushing it off as a fact of the job, he not only threw his toys out of the pram, but also crapped himself.

Because of his decision to cut Sir Kim Darroch, the ambassador, out of future diplomatic meetings and his Twitter tirade, our man in the US lost his job.

But this week, oh boy. This week he’s not just thrown the toys out and crapped himself, he’s bit the nanny, set fire to the nursery and vomited on the dog.

After a series of scathing attacks by four Democratic congresswomen about the appalling conditions of the detention centres where illegal immigrants and asylum seekers are being held, Trump decided to retaliate. He did so by telling the four women, all of them from minority backgrounds, to go back home.

This despite three of them being born in the US and the other arriving from Somalia when she was ten.

I’m actually just going to hand over to el Presidente himself for this one. Read the below, and in your mind just keep repeating the words: “This man is the President of the United States.”

Jesus. Christ.

Since then, he’s also Tweeted a statement from Lindsey Graham, a man who is a red-wine-vomit turned human, calling them Communists, that they hate the US, and that they are sympathisers with the 9/11 bombers.

So what does this all mean? Well, an outburst of this level of emotional rage probably means that he’s running scared – the Democrats have taken control of Congress, so he can’t really pass any legislation without their say so.

Additionally, Robert Mueller was set to present more evidence to suggest Trump obstructed the course of justice this week, but has pushed back to the 24th of July instead.

With 2020 being an election year, he cannot lose face early – hence the blistering attack.

However, it is worth noting that one of the women he’s targeted is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a twenty nine year-old Congresswoman for New York. AOC, as she is commonly referred to, is quite something.

Watch her in the clip below demonstrate how easy it is for Trump (implied, not explicitly mentioned) to cheat the system to maintain power to a stunned chamber:

No wonder Trump is terrified of her.

And Across The Pond…?

Boris has said that his first priority after Brexit would be to negotiate a trade deal with the US.

The US, a global superpower, that would hold all of the cards for any trade deal, that has far less need for a deal than we will, would be negotiated by an “inept” government (our former ambassador’s words, not mine), and one that’s ruled by an orange, puss-filled verruca that’s sprouting dog-hairs.

We would be at the mercy of one of the thickest, greediest, dirtiest politicians in history.

And they are our first port of call.

In fairness to Boris, he did say that Trump’s remarks to the congresswomen were unacceptable during the last, and most pointless, televised leadership debate (as did Hunt), but the whole situation is still incredibly depressing.

Speaking of Depressing…

The fall-out from the Panorama programme on antisemitism continues. Two of the whistleblowers from the programme are now suing the Labour Party over defamation.

This is following the Labour’s Leadership Team calling them “disaffected former employees” and dismissing their claims in the immediate aftermath of the programme’s release.

Additionally, the Labour Party are also demanding that the BBC remove it from iPlayer due to “inaccuracies.”

And to think that the right-wing call the BBC biased…

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