Chapter Two

Hello folks.

I wrote last week that posts from Between the Lines would be a little less frequent for the immediate future. This is with good reason: while there is plenty of bluster and overblown predicting of what’s going to happen RE: Brexit, very little of real note has actually happened.

All we’ve really seen is Boris Johnson finally having his long-coveted crack at the whip, and we’ve sort of just been leaving him to it, like a parent just being pleased to have some peace and quiet while their little darling is on the Nintendo.

Once Parliament comes back from its holidays, it is widely thought that all hell will break loose. Rumours are swirling about a no confidence motion being passed that could bring down Boris, Boris refusing to leave if that happened, and even the Queen having to step in and force him to leave…

It’s all going to be pretty exciting.

But, in the meantime, I just wanted to have a quick chinwag with you about Between the Lines.

A New Dawn

When I founded this website, I wanted to bridge the divide between our political discourse. What used to be an ideological debate between socialism and conservatism has metamorphosed into a much murkier battle between hearts and minds.

In order to cross this divide, I try to plonk us slap-bang in the middle, like that one mate you have who always steps between the two drunk morons at a club who are squaring off.

…Sometimes it is quite tricky to be impartial when almost everyone is handling things so spectacularly badly.

But anyway, in order to achieve this I’ve largely tried to follow the following principles:

  1. Look dispassionately at facts;
  2. Report them honestly;
  3. Explain why those facts are important;
  4. Predict what might happen next.

Betting on politics is a bit like predicting the winner of the Grand National if it had 650 horses in it, but so far, I’ve predicted that:

  • We wouldn’t leave in March or June (we didn’t);
  • Theresa May’s first declaration that she’d step down wouldn’t mean anything and she’d stick around for ages (she did for over a hundred days);
  • And that the EU would never reopen the Withdrawal Agreement (to date, they haven’t).

So I do feel like I’m not pissing directly into the wind, at least. Maybe just the occasional splashback onto my shoe.

It is more important than ever that we have clear, unbiased journalism, which we often find lacking in the mainstream media. For Between the Lines, I have sources that vary from other journalists, to politicians themselves, to economists and civil servants.

I am committed to open, honest reporting about politics, and I love writing these articles for you. I hope that you, my wonderful readers find them both informative and entertaining.

But We Need You!

Between the Lines, for all of its use of the Royal ‘We’, is a one-man team. It’s a lot of hard work to maintain the site and keep articles flowing regularly, hence the slight break recently.

Additionally, advertising is almost non-existent due to budget constraints – while some nifty use of social media advertising is helping to grow the readership, it’s still at a glacial pace. I desperately want this to be what I do full-time, but can’t really justify spending the time on it I want to (and growing and developing it) if I don’t earn any money from it.

So, dear reader, I have a request.

In this time and age where we can get everything for free, I am asking for some monetary help, gawd help me.

I set up a Patreon account a few months back and already have a few very kind donors. Their donations have already funded three successful Facebook advertising campaigns.

You can find it here:

Being a donor comes with perks like having your named added to the Thank-You page on the site, having personalised political essays written for you, and even performing slam-poetry for you (terms and conditions apply).

But, if nothing else, it means that you believe in what I’m doing and are supporting it, which would be utterly fantastic. I am already so grateful for your readership, so would be beyond grateful for what you could give.

Even a basic donation (£3.80 a month) helps me to be seen in the Patreon algorithms, which would mean the likelihood of getting more donors increases exponentially.

So please, as we begin a new phase of Between the Lines and, indeed, a new phase of politics, please do consider helping me out. If you can pay for services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or even a newspaper subscription, then please do consider paying for this one if you think it’s worth the money.

Alternatively, if every reader told one other person who might be interested about the site, it would double my readership.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for already being here. Whatever comes next, I look forward to seeing it through together…

And hopefully finding a few things to have a good old laugh about along the way.

With love,


2 thoughts on “Chapter Two

    1. Hi Alison,

      Thank you so much for considering a donation! That’s absolutely fine, Patreon might ask you for your name but you should be able to either leave it blank, or just write ‘anonymous.’

      Also, only I can see the names of those who have donated – the only public information is how many people have donated, not any of their information.

      If you have any problems then do let me know and I’ll make sure it’s resolved.

      Thank you again – I really appreciate the support 🙂

      Have a lovely weekend!



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