Weekly Wrap-Up : CRUNCH TIME

Apologies for being misleading, but there’s no real weekly wrap-up this week. The reason for this is that anything I tell you now is pure speculation.

Yes, I know, speculation is basically what keeps this website afloat, but this is different. Tomorrow, Saturday the 19th, will be the day that decides Brexit, one way or another. To speculate on that now seems disingenuous.

Not to say that I haven’t speculated or analysed at all, though. I would strongly recommend you read yesterday’s blog that explains all of yesterday’s many complications, and throws in some predictions for what comes next.

Said blog can be found here:

What a week it’s been (I know, I’m a broken record). From nothing, to something, to a deal, to pessimism about the deal, in all of three or four days.

But go out today. Go and make Friday that 18th the best day you’ve ever had.

Because Saturday the 19th is going to be horrendous.

And I’ll be there with you, every step of the way.

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