Welcome to Between the Lines

To put it kindly, British politics is in a state of disarray.

To put it honestly, British politics is up shit creek with a paddle made of candyfloss.

With divided parties in both government and opposition, it is understandable that so many people are a frustrated mix of furious and exhausted. While the actual issues themselves are becoming more and more nuanced, the messages bombarded on us by the media and politicians are becoming louder, angrier and more radical.

The need for clarity has never been greater, yet there seems little evidence that those who give us information will do anything except confuse things further.

A new voice is needed, and Between the Lines aims to be that voice.

We want to be the future of journalism – no word count, no bias, no profit margins. We are funded purely out of the generosity of our patrons and want this to be a public service, not a product. 

We want to make politics accessible, easy-to-understand and, dare we even whisper it… enjoyable. Everyone should feel welcome to learn about how their country is run, rather than ashamed about not knowing enough. Politics is a daunting place for those who are new to it, and we want to make it that little bit less scary.

Usually by ripping the mickey out of it.

Our articles are posted regularly and will never take more than 5 minutes to read – they will only focus on the news that matters, and will give an unbiased, fact-based analysis of proceedings.

You can also subscribe to Inbox Insight, our newsletter that is only ever sent out on days where something truly newsworthy has happened – we will never bombard you with spam or create a story out of nothing.

Between the Lines cuts through the noise and tells you what you need to know.

No bull, no bias, no bother.

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